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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Reception - Chestnut

Welcome to Reception

Chestnut Class Update

Friday 15th March


Dear Parents/Carers,


This week our learning has been focused around the theme of vets. We have been pretending to be vets filling out pet treatment forms; have used pets at the vets to practise subtraction; and visited Penbode Veterinary Surgery. The children have also been learning how to use the beebots (programmable toys) and have been practising using coins in our cake shop role-play.


Thank you to all of you who helped us to walk to the vets and back on Wednesday afternoon. The team at Penbode were busy dealing with an emergency operation when the first group arrived and the children waited very patiently. The second group were then lucky enough to fit in all of the planned activities. The children all seemed to enjoy this experience and could remember a lot about the things they has seen when we discussed it the following day.


It was lovely to see so many of you attend our phonics information session on Monday afternoon. We hope that you found it useful. If you have any question about phonics, or anything else, please come and ask us at any time.


Next week in Chestnut Class we will be:

  • Focusing on fire fighters
  • Writing a checklist of fire fighters uniform
  • Writing a letter to Fireman Sam
  • Reading a story about emergencies
  • Learning how to share out quantities of objects
  • Learning how to estimate a quantity of objects


Homework Challenges:


Please read your reading book for 5 minutes every day and record this in your reading log.

Please continue to practise using your phonics pack to recognise sounds and HFW. Please practise writing words and sentences.


Use your number cards and place them face down on the floor. Select a number card at random. Count forwards from 1 to the number you have selected, then count backwards from that number to 1. This will help your child to practise counting backwards. They may like to use a number line for support if they find this tricky.

Speaking and Listening

Look at the photographs from our visit to the vets which are now on Tapestry. Use this to discuss the visit with your child. Ask them to tell you three things that they saw/did/learnt about.







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