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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Reception - Chestnut

Welcome to Reception

Chestnut Class Update

Friday 18th January


This week we have continued our transport theme by reading non-fiction books; reading the story ‘Tip Tip Dig Dig ‘ and writing some captions to go with pictures of the vehicles; playing with cars and ramps to compare and measure distance; and looking at cars in the school car park to observe their colours and count how many there were.

When changing for PE this week, we noticed that many children had uniform (mostly white polo shirts) and items of PE kit that were not named. We usually all change at the same time and so clothing can easily get into a muddle, which is difficult to sort out if items are not named. Please make sure that everything is labelled, and check regularly that names written on in pen are still visible.


Next week in Chestnut class we will be:

  • Making pictures of vehicles using 2D shapes
  • Writing about a bus journey
  • Reading the story ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’ and using this for a counting activity
  • Reading non-fiction texts about transport
  • Introducing 3D shapes


Homework Challenges:


Our new sounds this week: j, v, w, x

Words to read and write: jog, jam, jug, van, wig, wax, web, win, box, fox,

Please practise the HFW and tricky words on the sheets in your phonics pack.

Please complete the reading activity.



Practise subtraction by playing the game ‘Teddies in a tent’. Use a box or a blanket to make a tent big enough to put ten teddies (or other toys) in to. Put the teddies in the tent and then roll a dice, take that number of teddies out of the tent. Say the number sentence e.g. ten take away six equals four.


Physical development

Practise getting dressed and undressed independently. Practise turning clothes through the right way and putting clothes into a tidy pile when you take them off.




4th February - BudeHaven book event

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