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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 3 - Hawthorn

Welcome to Year 3!

This term, our topics are 'Our Environment' and 'Humans are animals too'.


Weekly Update

Please ensure that all children have their PE kits in school every day.

Important Dates:

Swimming – Every Thursday morning from until 13th June.

KS2 Sports Day – Wednesday 22nd May 2019 (a.m. – weather permitting).

Newquay Zoo Trip – Monday 10th June (your child should have a permission letter).


Maths: We have started our unit on time and we have been reading the time to 5 minute and 1 minute intervals. The best support that can be given is regularly reading the time with your child at home. Below are the 6 steps we have asked the children to follow if they are unsure of what the time says:

1) Look at the minute hand.

2) Is the minute hand ‘past’ or ‘to’ the hour?

3) How many minutes past or to the hour is the minute hand?

4) Look at the hour hand.

5) If it is ‘past’ the hour, which number is the hour hand pointing to or which number has it just passed?

6) If it is ‘to’ the hour, which number is the hour hand coming towards?


English: This week we have been learning about the water cycle though song, demonstrations and by creating a collage of the water cycle on card. The children have used this learning to support them with an independent writing task about the water cycle using the skills we learnt from our writing last week when writing explanations about pollination.

Swimming: Please note, children will need their swimming kit in school every Thursday until 13th June. Please ensure they also have comfortable footwear on that day for our walk to Splash and clothing appropriate for the weather e.g. a waterproof coat if it is raining.

Class garden project: The children have been busy in the garden once again this week, watering plants, filling tyres with soil to plant more plants, clearing out the shelter and preparing tins to be turned into planters.

Sports Day: In preparation for this year’s KS2 sports day on Wednesday 22nd May we would like to give you some advanced information.

 Start time: 9.30am                                                                                                Finish time: Approximately 11.45am

As before, the children will be seated in coloured teams. Please ensure they wear a coloured top to indicate their team colour. We will notify you the week before sports day as to which colour group your child will be in. Children are expected to stay seated in their team area on the inside of the track. Under no circumstances are the children allowed across the track, so please ensure they have a water bottle and sun cream applied before they come to school. Please arrive before 9.30am to get settled in your place within the spectators’ area which is behind the roped off area opposite the children on the other side of the track. We ask all spectators (adults and children) to respect the rule that no one is allowed to go on or cross the track during sports day. We understand when your child is in an event you may want to move to get a good photograph of them in action, however please do not obstruct the finish line and the adults who are in charge of placing the winners.

We are really looking forward to sports day and hope to see you there.



Reading: Please hear your child read 5 times a week. Log this in their yellow reading log books.

Spellings: Your child’s spelling homework should be stuck into their purple homework books. The words relate to the children’s learning in class this week.

Maths: Please practise reading time to 5 and 1 minute intervals with your child using the process detailed above. Please record that you have done this in your child’s purple book.

Please continue to support your child with learning their multiplication tables. The following website is a great way to learn your tables Please follow this link to a site which replicates the times table assessment children will undertake in Year 4. You can select the multiplications to be tested on and how long for each question. 

Another website your child might enjoy is:


Thank you

Mrs Baker, Mrs Loudwill, Mrs Reay and Mrs Sayers

Trip to Bude Wharf to meet the different artists.

Trip to Bude Wharf to meet the different artists. 1
Trip to Bude Wharf to meet the different artists. 2
Trip to Bude Wharf to meet the different artists. 3
Trip to Bude Wharf to meet the different artists. 4

Multiplication and Division Tests for x3, x4 and x8 (times tables learnt in Year 3)

Multiplication and Division Tests for the 10x, 2x and 5x tables:

Internet Safety

If your child uses Roblox or similar online games with chat facilities, you may find these links useful to help to keep them safe.

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