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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 3 - Juniper

Welcome to Year 3!

This term, our topics are 'Art on Your Doorstep' and 'The Romans'.



Weekly Update

Please ensure that all children have their PE kits in school every day.

Important Date: Homework Project Day - Monday 1st April (Please see letter below for details).

Maths: This week, the children have continued their work on length. They have been comparing length, adding and subtracting length and solving word problems.

English: To end our unit on Legends this week, the children have planned and written their own legend to explain how a chosen city got its name. They thought carefully about the vocabulary they used and tried to include a range of punctuation, fronted adverbials and conjunctions.

Roman Day: On Monday, we went back in time and spent the day as Romans and Celts. The children (and parents) had put a lot of effort into their costumes for the day and they certainly looked the part. The classrooms were transformed into tribal huts. The children tried on helmets, armour and handled Roman weapons as well as artefacts. We were very impressed with the children’s articulate responses as they debated whether they should accept Roman rule.  This debate was important as a Roman soldier had arrived to inform them of the impending invasion! In the afternoon, under the instruction of the strict soldier, the children rigorously practised the techniques of Roman battle.  They successfully managed to march in lines, form the famous tortoise shell formation and then attack the enemy. Thank you to Mrs Simpson who entered into the spirit as she had 60 balls thrown at her!

Head Lice: Please check your child’s hair and treat, if necessary, as head lice are currently a problem in Year 3.

Year 3 Calculation Meeting: On Wednesday 3rd April, we will be holding a short meeting for Year 3 parents to go through the formal, written methods that the children have learnt for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The meeting will begin at 2:45pm and will finish before the end of the school day. We would encourage as many of you as possible to attend to enable you to support your child with these methods at home.

Voluntary Contribution: On Friday 29th March, as part of our RE learning, we will be trying food eaten by Jewish people during the festival of Passover. We ask for a voluntary contribution of 20p per child towards this. This can be brought into class during that week.



Reading: Please hear your child read 5 times a week. Log this in their yellow reading log books.

Spellings: This week, the children have learnt how to add suffixes to change the meaning of a word.

Maths: Please practise measuring 3 objects around the house with your child and write the object and measurement in your child’s purple book.

Please continue to support your child with learning their multiplication tables. The following website is a great way to learn your tables Please follow this link to a site which replicates the times table assessment children will undertake in Year 4. You can select the multiplications to be tested on and how long for each question. 

Another website your child might enjoy is:


Mrs Baker, Mrs Loudwill, Mrs Reay and Mrs Sayers

Trip to Bude Wharf and Canal

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Trip to Rosemoor Gardens

Trip to Rosemoor Gardens 1
Trip to Rosemoor Gardens 2
Trip to Rosemoor Gardens 3
Trip to Rosemoor Gardens 4
Trip to Rosemoor Gardens 5
Trip to Rosemoor Gardens 6
Trip to Rosemoor Gardens 7
Trip to Rosemoor Gardens 8
Trip to Rosemoor Gardens 9
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