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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 6.1: Mrs Everitt

Some pictures of 6.1 keeping cool in Bristol!




Welcome to Year 6!


Our topics for the spring term will be: Angry Earth and Evolution.


'Angry Earth' will look at how Earth changes through natural forces, such as plate tectonics (leading to volcanoes and earthquakes). We'll look at how volcanoes are formed and where they predominantly occur. Building on that work, we'll study other natural disasters that have an effect on Earth's topography and Man's way of life. Relating our science to our topic means that we will be looking at the various states of matter and reversible and irreversible changes. For PE, we'll be developing our hand-eye coordination through dodge ball. Our focus in art will be on the use of colour to produce pictures relating to the natural forces of Earth.


After we have looked at the evolution of Earth, 'Evolution' will look at the evolution of animals through time. Why and how do animals evolve and adapt for their unique environments? A particular focus will be Darwin's observations of evolution, but this will lead to a look at some of the other developments of the Victorian age.

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