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County Pedestrian Route Assessment Policy

As part of our statutory duties in relation to school transport, Cornwall Council must provide transport free of charge to pupils who live within walking distance of their nearest (or designated) suitable school, but the route is considered unsuitable for pedestrian use.


The Council’s Pedestrian Route Assessment Policy (copy attached), which was updated in April 2016, sets out how routes will be assessed to determine whether they are suitable for pedestrian use in response to concerns raised by parents/carers.


We have recently added information on the route assessment policy to the Council’s website, alongside a full list of all routes which have been assessed and classified as unsuitable walking routes since April 2016. You can access this at the link below.

Where a parent/carer raises concerns regarding a route which is classified as an unsuitable walking route following assessment, transport is automatically provided free of charge to eligible pupils in that family. We will also offer transport to any other families in the immediate vicinity where it is clear there will also be eligibility on this basis.


However, in some cases there will be pupils living nearby or along the route, attending the same or another local school, who will also be eligible for transport but may not be automatically identified.


We are therefore requesting that all schools check the list of routes classified as unsuitable walking routes and use their local knowledge to help identify whether any pupils attending your school may be affected.


Pupils will be eligible if they:


  • Attend your school as their nearest or designated school (or were allocated a place as it was the nearest school with room);

  • Live within walking distance (up to two miles for children in Reception to Year 3, three miles for Years 4 to 11); and

  • The route would require them to walk along a route classified by Cornwall Council as an unsuitable walking route.


If you believe any pupils may be eligible for transport on this basis, please encourage them to complete a pupil transport application form, which can be found at the link below.


New route assessments will be added to the website as they are completed, so please check back periodically.


If you have any queries in relation to this email or transport eligibility, please do not hesitate to contact the Pupil Transport Team using the contact details below.


Telephone: 01872 322457


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