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Information from Mrs Simpson regarding hand cleaning

Dear parents / carers,


As a result of our extra vigilance with hand washing at the moment, a small number of children have developed sore hands. We are advising children to make sure they rinse the soap from their hands thoroughly as this may be part of the problem and are now asking all parents to help their child to practice this at home. Our KS2 children currently use hand sanitiser as they come into lunch, but they are able to choose to use soap and water instead at this time if that suits their skin better.


Soap substitutes

We have taken advice from a local pharmacist regarding soap substitutes (eg emollients) but have been advised that these may not be as effective at killing germs as our current regime of warm water and soap. For this reason we are not keen to pursue substitutes except where a GP has advised the use of an alternative due to a skin condition. In these cases, we ask that any soap substitutes prescribed by a doctor are labelled and given to classroom staff to supervise.



For children with skin conditions who require moisturiser, we are happy for you to provide a labelled product to classroom staff. Children will be able to use their own product under supervision at the end of break and lunchtimes.


Please do not send in any other products.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Penny Simpson


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