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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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SPS Home learning during school closure

SPS Aim:

It is our intention to ensure that the pupils at Stratton Primary School maintain their learning to the best of our ability from the time we close to the time we re-open. We intend to bridge the gap between where we have left the children and where we will pick them up.

We intend to provide work closely following our planned curriculum in a variety of ways rather than sending out reams of paper based work and endless links to apps etc. that lack purpose.

We anticipate parents and school staff will face challenges organising home schooling.  However, we have a comprehensive plan in place that we hope will be successful.

If pupils are unwell we do not expect them to work.


The last week of term Monday 23rd to Friday 27th March

Every pupil in SPS has received a home learning pack with work to complete in the last week of term.  This comes with an explanation and suggestions for further activities that families can do together.

With Easter round the corner, there will be an array of Easter themed activities you can do at home, such as painting eggs and making Easter cards – don’t forget you can email cards on line with messages for loved ones and friends around the country and world.

Easter holidays

Our policy is for your child to continue reading as much as possible.

Summer term W/B Tuesday 14th April

AT 9am every Monday your child’s class webpage will be going live for the week. (In the first week, this will be Tuesday 14th April.)

There will be a task for each of the Early Years curriculum areas to be completed over the week.

We strongly suggest PE - physical activity -  every day and will have a task set to help with this. Children are allowed out in a secure garden for fresh air, so they can complete their physical exercise outdoors if appropriate.  Please refer to the latest government advice on restrictions as this will be updated.

This work is to be completed during the week.  We suggest you set up a timetable or schedule to balance your days and the week.  

Here is an example of how we structure the school day which may help you. We have reduced the time of our sessions to reflect that children will be working on a 1:1 basis with you so activities will be quicker.


20 minutes


Phonics – to include reading and writing

1 hour

Own learning time – we use this time to play alongside the children and extend their learning through play. We also encourage outside play and snack during this time.

20 minutes





20 minutes

Other curriculum areas


1 hour

Own learning time

20 minutes

Physical activity

10 minutes

Story time





Our advice would be to restrict gaming and device time until all learning for the day is complete.  It could be their reward to work towards.

Every child has been sent home with one exercise book to do any paper based tasks in, although many if our activities will be more practical.

Many families will find other activities and work they will want their children to do which will be individual to each family, but we will be very clear about our expectations for the work we set.


Communication with your class teacher

Every week, your child will receive a telephone call from their teacher to see how they are doing.  This will be a 5- minute phone call and will be logged.

We are requesting everyone sends a short email to their class teacher on a Friday to report their learning from the week, successes and any challenges. Staff will respond to every email and log this contact.  You are still able to contact the school staff, but request that you send one email every Friday under this agreement unless it is urgent.


For Chestnut Class, please add pictures and comments about your child’s learning at home to their Tapestry online learning journal. If you can show us your child’s learning in this way then your Friday email can be brief. Please keep any comments about things you may be finding challenging, or any questions and send to us via email (not on Tapestry).


The next update on this page will be Tuesday 14th April at 9am.




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