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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Y3: Hawthorn, Juniper

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Work for Day 1 of isolation

This work is for the first day of absence.  Please ensure this is completed.  Your class teacher will be in contact about further work.


  • Reading
  • Spellings
  • TTRS
  • Physical activity (eg Joe Wicks/cosmic yoga)



Weekly Update – Friday 17th September


Another super week of learning! Great start to the year.


Barnstaple Museum Outreach Visit: On Tuesday 28th September, we will be having a visit from Barnstaple Museum. They will be bringing some Stone Age artefacts for us to look at and teaching the children about the life in the day of a stone age human. Please see the School Gateway app message for more information.


English: The children have been re-writing instructions for ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ after having a go at washing one themselves! They practised using fronted adverbials and perfected their punctuation.


Maths: The children have continued their learning of place value. They have learnt about numbers up to 1000 and what each digit represents before moving onto finding 1,10 or 100 more or less than a 3-digit number.


Phonics Meeting: A reminder that on Tuesday 21st September at 6pm, we will be holding a meeting for parents of children who are still following the Read Write Inc. phonics programme. Some children have moved on from this, but there are still some who are continuing with the scheme this year. You will have been sent a text already if your child will be learning phonics with Read Write Inc. We ask that one parent per child attends (if possible) and that face masks are worn.


Coats: Please ensure your child has a coat in school every day.


Books bags and Accelerated Reader books: Your child should now have their new Accelerated reader book. Can you make sure that your child has their book bag with their yellow reading log in every day?


Sporting achievements outside school: We would like to get the Stratton Sports section in the parent newsletter up and running again. Please let class teachers know of any sporting achievements so that they can be celebrated in our weekly school newsletter.


Drinks bottles: The children are expected to only have water in their drinks bottles.


School Council elections 2021-22: School council elections took place this week and we are able announce that our new Year 3 school councillors are:

Hawthorn: Jenson McFadden and Conan Martin

Juniper: Emma Rowlands and Jensen Marote



Spellings homework: It has now been decided that we will be using purple books for spellings homework. These will arrive next week and we will set them a spelling homework task to complete each week.


Times table Rockstars: Your child will have been assigned their new times tables to practise. This will be checked to see whether it has been completed on a Friday. They are expected to complete 10 minutes per week. Children who regularly do not complete their homework will need to attend homework club on a Friday lunchtime.


Swimming: Year 3 will be having their swimming lessons this term. We now attend sessions each day for a week, instead of having one lesson every week. A letter is due to be sent out via the School Gateway app on Monday, so please look out for it.

  • Juniper Class will be swimming during the week beginning 27th September.
  • Hawthorn Class will be swimming during the week beginning 4th October.

We are looking for parent helpers to support us with walking down to Splash. If you are available to help between 9:30 and 11:30 on the weeks above, could you please email your child’s class teacher. It is okay if you can’t do every day as we will create a rota.


Thank you

Mr Seldon & Miss Willey

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