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β€˜Successful learning in a happy environment’
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β€˜Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Y4/5: Ash, Birch, Elm

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Weekly update Year 4/5 team: 22nd July 2022


  • 26th July last day of school year πŸ˜ƒ

Learning this week:

We have had a wonderful, if hot, penultimate week. The Year 4 children had a great time at the Cornwall at War museum and managed not to melt!  Everyone behaved impeccably and we were all really proud of them.  Meanwhile, Mr Newbury took the year 5s out into the Forest School to enjoy some shade.   

Despite everyone feeling worn out, the children have continued to work hard this week.  They have gone over prior knowledge of angles and hopefully now all know the difference between acute, obtuse and right angles.  In English, the children have been learning about Explanation texts and their features.  We are really impressed with the effort everyone has put into work this week, particularly at the beginning of the week.

We hope you all have a great weekend whatever you get up to!

Important messages/information:


Please ensure that your child has a sun hat in school and has had sun cream applied. The forecast is for very hot and sunny weather over the next week!


It is also important that all children have a water bottle in school.


Please put spare trainers in your child’s bag.  In the event of rain, wet play and PE are result in wet, damp shoes.  Thank you.

Please remember to read the Head teacher’s letter for this week.



Please can your child read 5 times a week, preferably out loud.  They have a reading log which will be checked every Friday morning. Please ensure their reading book comes in every day. 


TTRS is up and running.  We are asking everyone to complete about 30 minutes a week please. This is best split into 3, 10 minute sessions.  Once the garage and soundcheck tasks are complete, children can choose what they play on there. Each child should have their tables set on the garage tasks, which enables them to practise comfortably.  The other games are all tables. 

Teachers will check the online logs every Friday. Please let your class teacher know if there is a problem.

Spellings homework:

Children should record spelling practice in their purple homework books. This will be checked every Friday.


Work for Day 1 of isolation

This work is for the first day of absence.  Please ensure this is completed.  Your class teacher will be in contact about further work.


  • Reading
  • Spellings
  • TTRS
  • Physical activity (eg Joe Wicks/cosmic yoga)

Instructions for Google Classroom (in the event of remote learning)

Go to ‘Google Classroom’ and login. 

Every child’s login starts with a number.

Y4 -your child’s number is 18

Y5 – your child’s number is 17

This is followed by their name and first letter of their surname and then everyone has the same end part. For example:

Some pupils do have a slight variation – most of the pupils do know their log ins.

Password: Stratton (capital S)

IMPORTANT - The account we are using is separate from ANY home google accounts. You will need to ‘add an account’ on your home login page and put in your child’s login if you haven’t already done so.  They will then see their classroom they belong to in school.

IMPORTANT – the stream (the first option at the top of the screen) is for education messages only - if a child is posting inappropriate chat on there, they will be muted and not allowed to put anything on there. 

NB:  You are only allowed to log on to your own account. 

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