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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Y6: Oak, Rowan

Work for Day 1 of isolation

This work is for the first day of absence.  Please ensure this is completed. Subsequent days' work will be on Google Classroom.


  • Reading
  • Spellings
  • TTRS
  • Physical activity (eg Joe Wicks/cosmic yoga)


23rd June 2022

Residential 29th June - 1st July: 


We had a short meeting about the residential for parents today. Please see the attached notes underneath this update! 


Much of the week was taken up with a specialist 'Wellbeing' workshop from a visiting expert! The work focussed on wellbeing in school and at home; a smooth transition to secondary; and staying safe online. The children all responded positively to the sessions and took part in discussions with enthusiasm!


In science, we have now finished our investigation (which meant we were able to safely dispose of some rather unpleasant looking slices of bread!). We will be looking into our results next week to see what we can learn and how we could continue this type of investigation.


While the Year Six team were winning the local area Kwik cricket competition at Budehaven, the rest of Year Six practised their batting and bowling skills - making the most of the wonderful weather we've had this week!


And, of course, we have had some time working on our production. We will be working more on costumes in the coming week, so keep your eyes open for pirate-related paraphernalia!


Enjoy your long weekend! 


Mr Craig & Miss Barriball


Homework: Normally, we will expect them to do the following and hand it in the following Friday:


  • TTRS: 10 x Garage Sessions
  • Mental maths sheet
  • Spellings: Use the 'Spelling Menu' to practise ten spellings per week from the Year 5/6 spelling list (from 17th September)
  • Daily reading (at least five times!), preferably to an adult

If you have any technical issues with TTRS, please do it the old fashioned way - write out times tables on paper or ask your teacher for a times table grid!


Parents' Meeting Residential notes

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