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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Y6: Oak, Rowan


22nd July 2022


Please remember that The Friends have organised a DVD of this year's Year Six performance, which can be purchased by putting the money (£6) in an envelope with the child’s name & a phone number, and then handing it to either the office or one of The Friends.


Once the DVD has been made up, The Friends will contact you.


What a week! The children did a fabulous job with their performance on Thursday, and it was obvious that everyone who saw it loved it! We have had some lovely messages (from parents, staff and governors who saw the play), and we will be sharing them with the children next week!


With the play now finished, the children were keen to put on another play. We had to break the news to them that they only had three days of primary school left!


On Friday, we spent some time with our Year R buddies, before building fires in the forest school and roasting marshmallows for one last time!


Next Tuesday, we are planning a water-based day of activities. Please send your children in with eco water balloons and water pistols.


Have a lovely weekend!


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