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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 1: Maple, Pine

Kipper's Tea Party Preparations

Kipper's Tea Party Preparations 1
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Cob Building

Cob Building 1
Cob Building 2
Cob Building 3
Cob Building 4
Cob Building 5
Cob Building 6
Cob Building 7
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Maple and Pine Class Weekly Update – Friday 24th January 2020


English: This week, the children have written a new version of the story ‘Kumak’s Fish’. They described Kumak’s lucky day in the Arctic, working as a fisherman. In some stories, Kumak caught fish and in others, he caught narwhals and whales!


Phonics: This week, the children learnt different ways of pronouncing ch (as in school and brochure) and c (as in cell). They also revised their split digraphs (where letters make a sound but not sitting next to each other. For example: (a_e as in make and cake and e_e as in even).


Maths: This week, the children revisited addition and subtraction. They spent lots of time partitioning numbers up to ten in different ways (splitting them, i.e. 1 + 6 = 7, 2 + 5 = 7 etc) to begin with. Next week, they will be using these facts to complete more complex addition and subtraction problems.


Maths Homework: This game is excellent for supporting the children’s understanding of number bonds to 10 and under.

Practising this again would be very beneficial for their learning.


Reading: Please read at least five times a week with your child at home and ask them questions about the texts they read. Reading logs are checked every Friday.


Trip to Crooklets beach and Rosie’s café:

On Tuesday 4th February, Year 1 will be spending the day learning about the Arctic environment and how to keep our seas clean. As part of this, we will be going on a walking trip to Crooklets beach in the afternoon. We will be completing a beach clean and then having a hot chocolate in Rosie’s café. You will need to collect your child from Crooklets beach car park at 3pm on this date. More information will be sent via the School Gateway app and you will need to tick a box to confirm that you can meet this arrangement. If collecting your child is going to be an issue, please speak to your child’s class teacher.


We are looking for parent volunteers to help with this trip. If you are available, (between 12:45 and 3pm) please let your child’s class teacher know.


Coming soon (more details to follow):

  •  ‘Save the Polar Bears’ fundraising event – arranged by Maple and Pine classes (11th Feb, PM)
  • Phonics and reading meeting (12th Feb, 6pm)



Many thanks

Miss Willey, Mrs Reay and Mrs Wyatt


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