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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 2 and Year 3: Hawthorn, Juniper, Willow

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Monday 6th July 2020


A big happy birthday to:

Esme on 6th July


Welcome to Summer Term week 6. Once again, thank you for all the continued hard work and effort with all the home learning. We appreciate that many families are juggling to keep the home learning going as adults are returning or continuing to work. We are so impressed with the high standard of learning being completed at home. Keep up the great work! We’ve been really pleased to hear how much you’ve been inspired by learning about the Olympic athletes.

Below is the learning for this week. If you were unable to complete any of the learning from last week, you can find all of the resources in our archived section towards the end of our webpage.


This week, we are going to continue to learn about the Olympic Games. You will be able to choose your favourite Olympic sport to research in preparation for a piece of writing next week.  


Day 1: Today, we would like you to reread the Hockey text from last week. Learn the text and add actions to help you to remember it. The more familiar you are with the text the more this will help you with your own writing next week. 


Over the next four days, we would like you to choose a summer or winter Olympic sport that you would like to write your own information text about. Use the planning sheet below to help you to research the four headings. This week you will only be completing your planning sheet in note form. Please don’t fully write out your research. This will be next week’s learning. There is one heading for each day. Research relevant information for just that section/paragraph.

You can find a list of Olympic sports here Individual events can be found by clicking on the main sports icons, for example the Women’s 100m sprint comes under Athletics.

Once you have chosen your sport use Kiddle to find out more information about it. The following websites may also be useful:

This site has information on the new Olympic sports that would have premiered at the Tokyo Games


Day 2: Start your research by finding out how your sport is played. Fill in the correct box on your planning sheet. Write in note form or draw pictures to help you.


Day 3: Today, you are going to find out about the history of your sport. Write your findings on the planning sheet.


Day 4: Fill in the third box on your planning sheet with information about your chosen sport at the Olympic Games. Which country has won the most medals? Who are the most famous sports people who play your sport? What is the Olympic Record for your sport?


Day 5: On the final day of your research, we would like you to add any interesting facts you have come across about your sport and to draw a picture to accompany your information text. Don’t forget to label it with a caption.

Spelling and handwriting:

Year 2

This week we would like the Year 2s to learn about adding the suffixes ‘ment’ and ‘ness’ to root words. Watch this video:

Activity 1 – Look at the root words in the table below and add the ‘ment’ and ‘ness’ suffix to create adjectives. Discuss the meanings of any new words with an adult. An example has been included for you to see:


Root Word

+ suffix ment

Root word

+ suffix ness


































Activity 2 – Choose four of the words from activity 1 and write an exciting sentence for each word!

Activity 3 –  Play the anagram game or choose one of the other games on the right hand side under the heading ‘Interactives’.


Year 3

Like last week, the Year 3s have to proof read and check for spelling errors. There is one spelling mistake in each sentence. Once you have spotted it, you have to then write the word correctly. You might know the correct spelling or you might need to have a go and check with an adult or use a dictionary or check your common exception word list.

There are two activities to complete. They do not need to be printed. When you have found and corrected all the spelling mistakes, please copy at least 4 of the sentences in your neat, joined writing (with all the words correctly spelt!).


You might also want to have a go at these proof reading exercises on Classroom Secrets (login details at the bottom of the update in optional extras):


  • There are two texts for you to read below.
  • One is about track cycling in the Olympics and there are some questions for you to answer underneath the text.
  • The second is about the game of rugby sevens. There is a very short task for you to complete after you have read it.
  • You do not need to print these.
  • If the text is too tricky to read then please read and discuss it with an adult.


Further ideas on reading;

  • Continue to read anything and everything at home!
  • For any other books you have read, please use this link to complete an AR quiz
  • Please visit the school library section of the website (under the Children’s tab).
  • Remember Oxford Owl has colour coded books that match the colours we use in school.
  • There are many reading comprehensions on Classroom Secrets (please see how to login at the bottom of the maths section or in optional extras).

Mental maths (Daily):

Continue to complete 6 in 6 (Year 2) or Fluent in 5 (Year 3) this week.  

Main maths activity:

Where there are videos, please watch the White Rose video for each step before completing the worksheet for that step.

Remember, children should only complete the learning set for their year group. Extra challenges for your child can be found by accessing Classroom secrets (link and log in details in optional extras) or - no log in required.

Year 2

This week’s maths is coming from the White Rose maths team. Please watch the video links provided for each step and complete the worksheets for the relevant steps below. Remember, these do not need to be printed. They can be viewed on the screen and the answers just written into your child’s maths book.

Step 1 – Compare mass

Step 2 – Measure mass in grams

Step 3 – Practice weighing the mass of objects using grams. Kitchen scales would be perfect for this if you have them. You could find small objects around your home to weigh or why not make something yummy to eat and practice measuring out the ingredients for it.

Step 4Measure mass in kilograms


Year 3

This week’s maths is a mix of White Rose learning and practical based activities. Please use the links below where there is a video to watch first to help with completing the step.  Afterwards, complete one of the suggested activities.


Step 1 – Tell the time to 5 minute intervals Follow up activity - Practice telling the time and making times for 5 minute intervals on an analogue clock or complete the WR step 1 activity sheet below.


Step 2 – Tell the time to 1 minute intervals and record it digitally. Watch these 2 videos to learn how:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Practice reading the time to 1 minute intervals on an analogue clock or complete the step 2 activity sheet below. The sheet has 3 potential options for you to choose and complete. The stars at the bottom of the sheet indicate the level of difficulty. 1 star being the easiest and 3 stars being the hardest.


Step 3 – Practice reading or making a range of times to 5 minute and 1 minute intervals digitally. You could do this practically using a clock you have at home or you could use this game: Throughout the day, see if you can read what the time is on a clock. You may like to complete any of worksheets for step 1 or 2 that you may not have already completed.


Step 4 – am and pm times. Watch this video to learn about am and pm times Complete the WR Step 4 ‘am and pm times’ worksheet below. 

If you want to provide an extra challenge, please visit these sites: - no log in required  - login details below.

Username: classcodefirstname-lastname

Password: 123

Class codes:

Juniper - 192152firstname-lastname

Hawthorn - 186811firstname-lastname

Willow - 187532firstname-lastname

Maths online activity:

Please continue with Times Table Rockstars as many days as you can. 


Start every day with one of the following:


Here is a link to two PE lessons from Budehaven.



As both Year 2 and Year 3 have now covered all the required learning for this year, over the next few weeks, we are going to be setting some experiments for children to undertake which cover the scientific enquiry element of the National Curriculum.


This week we would like the children to have a go at the ‘Invisible ink with lemon juice’ investigation below. If you haven’t got a lemon have a look at the alternative suggestions at the bottom.


Following on from your learning on the UK, France and the USA, this week we would like to choose a famous landmark or place in the UK and find out more about it. Below are some suggestions of places you might like to find out more about.

  • Stonehenge
  • Minack Theatre
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Loch Ness
  • The Lake District
  • The Eden Project
  • The Lost Gardens of Heligan
  • Mount Snowdon
  • Dartmoor or Bodmin Moor
  • Giant’s Causeway
  • The Tower of London
  • SS Great Britain
  • The Isle of Wight
  • The White Cliffs of Dover.
  • Land’s End.
  • Hadrian’s Wall
  • Edinburgh Castle


Once you have chosen your place, please choose how you would like to present your research. You might want to write a postcard with a picture on one side persuading someone to visit your landmark or area, draw and annotate a poster, make a small book (leaflet) or perhaps a PowerPoint presentation if you have access to it. You might also like to create your landmark out of junk modelling or Lego.


You may find these websites useful to help with your research:



This week we would like the children to finish their collage. Have a look at the document below to see the instructions, some examples and to read some helpful hints.


The Twelve Disciples – Discuss with an adult what you think or know about Jesus and the twelve disciples. Read through the story

Think about 12 people who are important to you in your life and why. Draw a picture, write about or discuss verbally with a member of your family each of your 12 people. You may like to use the template below.


Optional Activities:

  1. Why not have a go at applying for a Blue Peter Badge? Have a look here to see how Blue Peter is celebrating Six Badges of Summer.
  2. Try out the Olympic torch maze below or one of these Olympic sports wordsearches. Use the document below or try this online one (you do not need to log in). Can you beat Mrs Loudwill’s time of 10 minutes 22 seconds?
  3. PSHE Road Safety You may like to make a road safety poster. Don’t forget to follow these road safety tips when you are out and about.


If you want to provide an extra challenge for your child, please visit this site:  - you have to use this link to log in

Username: classcodefirstname-lastname

Password: 123

Class codes:

Juniper - 192152firstname-lastname

Hawthorn - 186811firstname-lastname

Willow - 187532firstname-lastname

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