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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 2: Willow, Pine

Tuesday 12th January


Welcome to Tuesday! We are sorry for the technical issues that were experienced yesterday. Thank you for your understanding and perseverance in accessing the learning and uploading observations.


As stated yesterday, we will be calling this week to talk with the children. Sometimes, we will be calling from a withheld/unknown number so please answer these types of calls. Some of our calls went unanswered yesterday. Thank you!


Please send us a quick update by 1pm each day so that we can continue to reflect upon and adapt the learning as necessary. This is particularly important for the Maths and English. Please email your child's class teacher if you have any questions or difficulties.

Below is today's maths learning for today.



Maths Group 1 & 2:

Mental Maths 6 in 6 (6 questions in 6 minutes):

Please complete the correct day of the week in the document provided.



Today we are learning how to count money in pounds and pence.  Please watch this video and then complete the attached follow on worksheet. Focus on counting the number of pounds you have first and then the pence. In Year 2, children use the word ‘and’ to say how many pounds and pence they have instead of being introduced to a decimal point. For example, £3 and 42p instead of £3.42p. They will be introduced to the decimal point in Year 3.

Please update us with how your child got on with this activity today (as an observation).



Maths Group 3: 

Mental Maths 3 in 3 (3 questions in 3 minutes):

2 x 10 =

42 – 5 =

5 + 5 + 2 =



Begin by warming up and counting in steps of 5 by using this video


Today we’d like the children to practise counting the amount of money they have in pence for mixed coins. To start, recap the name of each coin using real coins you have available at home or using the attached coins mat. For each coin, recap its worth and then ask children to identify how many 1p coins the coin is equal to. For example, 50p is equal to 50 1p coins.

Transfer the coins you have looked at into a bag or a pillow case. You may like to add in some extra coins of the same worth. Pick three coins out of the bag and practise adding the amounts together to find the total. Encourage your child to start with the greatest value and then add the smaller denominations of coins next. You can use the attached number square to help with adding the amounts.

Draw your coins and record the total amount. Complete this six times. Please upload an observation of your learning.


Phonics / spelling:


Group 1:

Read Write Inc. Sounds Practice/Spelling:

Please watch the following video clip and recap reading longer words for oi/oy:

Ask a grown up to read the words below to you. Practise spelling them and adding the dots and dashes (remember a dot goes under a sound made from one letter, a dash goes under sounds made from two letters or three letters. You may like to use the attached speed sounds chart to help you look for the sounds you need to support you with your spelling like we use in school.

poison, boiling, destroy, royal, toilet, joyful

Extension: you might like to have a go at writing the words into sentences for an extra challenge.


Group 2:

Activity 1:  Practise spelling: could, would, should, called using the look, cover, write, check method.

Ask your adult to read you these words: light, black, go, but, cake

After each one, tell your adult if you think it has a long or short vowel sound. Now swap and read the words to your adult. Can they tell which has a short or long vowel sound?

Activity 2: Have a look at the rules for spelling the ‘j’ sound again from yesterday and then complete the spelling activity sheet by matching the word to the correct rule. The answers are at the end of the sheet.


Group 3:

Please watch and join in with the following video clips to recap reading and spelling words using Fred talk and blending. Then complete the reading and writing of hold a sentence.

Reading -

Spelling -

Read and write hold a sentence -


Please listen to the story of Icarus again using the link  and discuss the main events in the story with your grown up

Then watch the video clip, using the link - which explains today and tomorrow’s activity.

The finished story map can be photographed tomorrow and then added as an observation.



Today we’d like you to practise joining your letters for ‘or’ and ‘oor’ as modelled in the video clip, using this link Complete a line of each join and remember to circle your best one when you have finished.

Afterwards, have a go at spelling the following words which are modelled in this video clip, using this link

for, door, poor, fork, morning

Remember to circle your best one of each word.

Extension: you might like to have a go at writing a few of the words into sentences for an extra challenge.



How did flying begin? Watch the clip, using this link to learn about the history of flight.

Once you have watched the clip, order the pictures in the document onto the timeline to show the order the events happened.



Please choose a book from your colour band from the Oxford Owl site:

Day 1 learning for first day of Lockdown January 2021:

This work is for the first day of absence.  Please ensure this is completed.  Learning on subsequent days will be set on Tapestry for your child to complete. Your child's class teacher will be in contact about this.

  • Reading - you can use the following website to find books of the appropriate book band colour for your child
  • TTRS
  • 6 in 6 Mental Maths (Please access the right day of the week below)
  • Physical activity (eg Joe Wicks/Cosmic Kids Yoga)

Willow and Pine Weekly Update – Friday 18th December 2020

Dates for your diary:

First day of term – Tuesday 5th January 2021

Multi-skills club for Pine Class – Thursday 7th January, Thursday 14th January, Thursday 21st January

Multi-skills club for Willow Class – Thursday 28th January, Thursday 4th February, Thursday 11th February


A letter regarding the multi-skills club and how to sign up will be sent upon our return in January.


This week, the children have enjoyed a mixture of learning and Christmas activities to finish off the term. We had a delicious lunch on Wednesday and a fabulous party on Friday. We have also watched our Nativity video which we are very proud of! If you haven’t already done so, do watch it here:


Resources for DT next term: For our next topic, your child will need a plastic bag for our design and technology unit. The thin basic bags are best rather than the ‘Bags for Life’. If you have any of these bags at home, please can you put one or two aside to bring in next term.


English - Read, Write, Inc.: This week, we have continued with our programme of Read, Write Inc and have now collected in all of the Read, Write, Inc books. Some children have now finished the Read Write, Inc programme and some children will be continuing with the programme after Christmas.


Maths: In maths this week, we have completed assessments of the children’s learning.  


Art: This week, we have finished our sections of collage for the Mousehole Cat display and put together it together. Please see the picture further down our class page.  



Maths/spelling – There is no maths or spelling homework for the Christmas holiday.  

Reading – Please continue to read everything and anything over the festive period.


Thank you for your continued support over the last term. We wish you a wonderful and safe Christmas break and look forward to seeing you back in school on Tuesday 5th January.


Thank you,


Mrs Loudwill, Mrs Sayers and Miss Smith

Year 2 Mousehole Cat Collage

Science - investigating day length and making a rain gauge.

Bonfire night and Remembrance Pictures

Photos - First weeks back

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