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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 4: Birch, Elm Gallery

Year 4 Pet Corner

Picture 1 Master Hotel Builder!
Picture 2 Amazing flatbreads!
Picture 3 Bijoux bug hotel
Picture 4 Zack's bug hotel
Picture 5 Amilia's VE Day Pavlovas
Picture 6 Chloe's Fair Trade Letter to Co-op
Picture 7 Oscar's Woodlouse Research
Picture 8 VE Day bunting!
Picture 9 VE Day cooking
Picture 10 Daisy's cubist spider
Picture 11 Zack's concrete poem
Picture 12 William R's concrete poem
Picture 13 William's concrete poem (Birch)
Picture 14 Miles' concrete poem
Picture 15 Niall's concrete poem
Picture 16 How big is this poster?!
Picture 17 Noah's cubism
Picture 18 An amazing piece of non-chronological reporting!
Picture 19 Tyler's cubism
Picture 20 Vieve's cubism
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