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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 4: Birch, Elm Gallery

Year 4 Autobiographies

Alex's autobiography page 1
Alex's autobiography page 2
Alex's autobiography page 3
Alfie's autobiography
Natalia's autobiography
Paige's autobiography - page 1
Paige's autobiography - page 2
Poppy's autobiography

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Year 4 Pet Corner

Rueben's discovery!
Finley S's diagram of the rainforest layers
Look at Ella's different printing blocks!
Ethan's printing theme 'tigers in the jungle'
Riley's Bee Rescue
Zack found a crab on his birthday!
Will made his millions at market last week!
Alex's poem with gorgeous illustrations!
Rueben's butterfly, showing lots of progression!
Noah's butterfly, great observational skills!
Elspeth's Poem
Ravel's Poem
Master Hotel Builder!
Amazing flatbreads!
Bijoux bug hotel
Zack's bug hotel
Amilia's VE Day Pavlovas
Chloe's Fair Trade Letter to Co-op
Oscar's Woodlouse Research
VE Day bunting!
VE Day cooking
Daisy's cubist spider
Zack's concrete poem
William R's concrete poem
William's concrete poem (Birch)
Miles' concrete poem
Niall's concrete poem
How big is this poster?!
Noah's cubism
An amazing piece of non-chronological reporting!
Tyler's cubism
Vieve's cubism
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