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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 4: Birch, Elm /


Monday  13th July 2020

Nearly made it to the end everyone  - one full week to go!  We hope you’re excited about your new teachers, now you know, and enjoyed receiving your end of year reports.

This is the last full week of term. You will receive a final phone call from your class teacher (Elm it will be Mrs Glasby or Mrs Chappell) to say goodbye.  On Friday, you will receive a farewell message via the website from your teacher and we will be asking for your final weekly update email.  For the last two days, we will set some fun tasks but will not require an email!


Please sign up to the summer reading challenge, if you haven’t done so already It is SO important to continue to read over the summer holidays, and this is the perfect way to keep on top of it and read for pleasure!


Reading & AR

AR is accessible from home if you go to:

If you have read a book that can be quizzed -  quiz! Remember, this does include books being read to you. We don’t expect everyone to continue with Accelerated Reader as normal, but it is there if you wish to use it.  The children know their logins, but if you forget, email your class teacher.  If they get locked out, email Mrs Glasby!  Please include any quizzing in your weekly email to your teacher to let them know.

English:  Your own book

Task 3:

Plan out your book– you can use this planner to help you.  Remember the features of the book we shared and take another look to jog your memory.  Also you can reduce the number of reasons, but not lower than 5!

Part One 10 Reasons to Love a Whale.mp4

Still image for this video

Part Two 10 Reasons to Love a Whale.mp4

Still image for this video

10 reasons to love a whale

This book has some exciting features. Use this check list to see if you can find them all.

Task 4:

Make your book!  Write up your pages and add your pictures, captions, diagrams.

On Friday, please send a photo of your book to your teacher in your final weekly email update if you can.


Try and make sure all your spellings are correct in your books.




If you hand write your book, use your BEST handwriting!


Fluent in 5

There is one set of questions for you to do every day for 5 days.  You can work out the answers yourself with a calculator or check with the inverse operation.  Next week’s Fluent in 5 will start with the answers for this week so you can double check your answers then.

Stratton Primary School Calculation policies

Below you will find the calculation policies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Please refer to them before helping your child, if they need it.  It is important that we continue to use the same methods at school and at home so your child does not become confused!  Please let us know in your weekly email if anything isn't clear.

Main maths task:


The ‘get the activity’ worksheets and answers are no longer available free on the White Rose website. They are saved below for you to access. Please do not purchase a subscription. We have purchased a school one and will continue to provide the worksheets on our page. They do not have to be printed. The questions can be displayed on the screen and the workings out and answers can be completed in the children’s maths books.  Please remember to watch the video first as this is the teaching part. .

Be sure to access Week 12 of the Summer Term (w/c 13th July). 

Remember, you might not need to print them (see above).


Do you remember our electricity work?  Test yourself by taking this quiz!




Final week- dance your hearts out every day!

DT: - Making a rainstick


This week you will be making your rainstick! Follow the instructions in the powerpoint to create it!





These activities come from Go-Givers, and this is the second and final of three units, titled, The Value of Trees.


There are two potential activities, and three challenges, for PART TWO and THREE, which look to answer the question – If trees are so important, why are forests being destroyed?  The pdfs below will guide you as the adult in how to introduce the activities, and tells you which of the powerpoint slides to use (they are the same pdfs as last week!).

Religious Education – Significant Events in the Life of a Christian – Funerals

Look at the attached PowerPoint to find out about Christian funerals.

French (optional extra)

French: - Holidays and Hobbies

This week you will recap the work you did last week on the PowerPoint and then have a go at writing saying your own sentences telling someone where you are going on holiday and how and with whom.  I have added a sheet which will need to be printed out.  You can make cards and then practise talking about your holidays!  The last set are family sets and I haven’t included the family members’ names, can you find them?

If you are short on time, there is a word search that you can do instead.

Bon chance!


Sound files for French

a cheval

a pied

a velo

au Canada

au Pays de Galles.wav

au Portugal

Bonjour Je vais au Canada en bateau avec ma maman

Bonjour Je vais au Portugal en avion avec ma maman et ma soeur

Bonjour Je vais en Ecosse en train avec mon papa, ma maman et mes deux freres

en avion

en bateau

en Belgique

en bus

en Ecosse

en France

en train

en voiture

Je vais avec ma maman et ma soeur

Je vais avec ma maman mon papi et mon frere

Je vais avec ma maman

Je vais avec mon papa ma maman et mes deux freres

Je vais avec mon papa ma maman mon frere et mes deux soeurs

Je vais

Optional Extras:

Additional learning resources parents may wish to engage with... (not compulsory, but there if you need them).


Classroom secrets:

This is a useful website (currently offered free) if you are in need of any extra work.  Some teachers are already using it for specific tasks. 

Everyone has a login – teachers and pupils.  A special number is assigned to each class. 


Elm class:  Your child’s login will be

183517firstname-last name

Eg: 183517john-smith    

Password = 123


Birch class:  Your child’s login will be

185755firstname-last name

Eg: 185755john-smith    

Password = 123





McKenzie's Dragon.
Obie's fire breathing dragon protecting her eggs.
Amilia's erupting volcano and dinosaur landscape.
Miles presents to you his Duplo dragon.
Sam's attack of the dragon army.
Harry's Dragon Egg.
Chloe's sea-dragon.
Elspeth's dragon egg and dragon facts.
Ruben's gallows.
Carmen's dragon eyes/eggs.


Will McEwan's Dragon
Will McEwan's Dragon sketch 1
Will McEwan's Dragon sketch 2
Will McEwan's Dragon sketch 3
Logan's Dragon on a tower
A close up of Logan's dragon
Lexi's Dragon Project
Ella's dragon to illustrate her story
Maisie's Dragon
Toby's Lego Beowulf sitting on gold
Toby's Lego Beowulf sitting on gold (from above)
Noah's Dragon wordsearch
Ned's dragon egg
Alfie's dragon
Alfie's dragon information
Paige's dragon
Olivia's dragon
Kaiden's dragon
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