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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 5 and Year 6: Oak, Rowan, Ash

If you need to contact your class teacher, please do so by email:

Monday 13th July 2020


Welcome to week 7 of this half term.  Firstly, as this is the last full week of learning, we would like to thank you for all of your efforts to keep in touch with us during home learning and keeping us up to date with your child’s learning each week. We have been really impressed with how the children have persevered throughout this term and we want them to know we have kept records of the children’s work during this period. This Friday (17th July), will be the last time you are expected to update us about your child’s home learning.


We have put some super work on the gallery – make sure you visit to see what other children are doing. Remember, although you may receive a phone call from a different member of staff, your class teacher will be calling this week to wish you the best of summer breaks.


Below is the work for this week for the children in years 5 and 6 (Oak, Rowan and Ash).


In-school provision for purple and orange bubbles  

The learning set for home will be the same as school.  As some pupils may not be in every day, here is a timetable stating which subjects/lessons we hope to teach on each day. Please make sure you follow this guide when organising your days at home as we don’t want children repeating any lessons.  Due to school closure on Fridays, we have made sure this day has a lot of learning that we can’t complete in school, so it would be best not to do this on any other day.  Please be aware plans can sometimes change!  We will let you know if this happens via email or text.


Over the next week and a bit, we would like you to produce your own non-chronological report on anything ‘sixties’. You can choose to either create a report on one subject (eg. Music, Moon Landings, Martin Luther King Jr, Clothing, 1966 World Cup Final) or a general 1960s report, covering a selection of the topics we have covered. You will need to spend some time researching your chosen topic(s) and looking back at the work you have completed this half term.


Your report can be laid out and presented in any way you like. Perhaps you could create a double page spread with images – like our volcano reports – or a PowerPoint presentation. Be creative!


Attached below are some resources to help you. We really look forward to reading your finished reports.


Quiz time!

We think that you are ready for the big KS2 spelling quiz. Follow the link and don’t forget to let us know how you get on.

Remember to use the ‘Have a Go’ method when writing and then use a dictionary to check.


Handwriting: Please write up in your best handwriting like you would in your Final Draft books.



Please sign up to the summer reading challenge, if you haven’t done so already.  It is SO important to continue to read over the summer holidays, and this is the perfect way to keep on top of it and read for pleasure!

Over the next week and a half, we would like you to have a go at the following ‘summarising’ activities.

You will need to watch both videos, answer the questions and complete the tasks.

Please use the library page on our website to help you with texts to read as we continue home learning. There are some new developments from Mrs Tout. 

At present, we are still unable to lend any books from the library.


Reading & AR

AR is accessible from home if you go to:

If you have read a book that can be quizzed -  quiz! Remember, this does include books being read to you. We don’t expect everyone to continue with Accelerated Reader as normal, but it is there if you wish to use it.  The children know their logins, but if you forget, email your class teacher.  Please include any quizzing in your weekly email to your teacher to let them know


This week, we have a slightly different set of questions in place of the fluent in five: Flashback Four. These are all linked to topics the children have covered during this year and so it is designed to help remind them of different mathematical areas and keep them fresh in their minds. They should answer the four questions and work out the time shown on the analogue clock (year 5) or name the shape and its properties (year 6).

Please mark your fluent in five answers from last week and then complete the flashback 4 daily in your maths books. This is a daily activity that should only take 5 minutes to complete. The answers will be available next week.



Times Table Rock Stars is a great resource to use to practise your times table recall, and it will improve your speed at the same time. Remember to practise at least 3 times a week, and you could compete against a friend too!

We would like you to complete at least three sessions in the ‘garage’ this week.


Offline activities to be completed in maths book (please see PDFs below):

Year 5: (Summer term week 12) This week is all about units of measure and time.

Year 6: (Summer term week 12) This week’s focus is shape.


Please note: You will need to select Summer Term week 12, week beginning 13th July

In Summer term week 12 there are 4 days of lessons and a Friday challenge for each group. We think you should aim to complete half an hour of maths each day. See how far you can get through these activities, but do not feel under any pressure to complete it all.


All worksheets can be found below. These do not need to printed and can be answered directly into maths books.

These activities also match up with further videos and worksheets on the BBC Bitesize daily lessons page:


We have now covered the year’s science curriculum for the year, so this half term will be a recap of the learning we have done. The scientific areas we have covered this year are:

  • Living things and their habitats
  • Animals including humans
  • Evolution and inheritance
  • Light
  • Electricity

Task 1:

If you haven’t already done so, we would like you create a science quiz linked to one or more of the scientific areas above for a friend or group of friends. Once you have designed your quiz, maybe you could Facetime each other and complete each other’s quizzes to see who can score the most points. Below is a template you might like to use for your quiz.


Why not have a go at Maebh’s quiz on Kahoot:

Task 2:

In line with our sixties theme, we would like you to have a go at making your own lava lamp! Please use the document below to help you, and have fun experimenting!


Start Monday and Wednesday with the 9am Joe Wicks school workout on his Youtube page: if you miss it you can do it at any time of day. Also, try the Cosmic Kids yoga (on their Youtube page: for something more relaxing!

This week, we would like you to practice your football skills. Check out the video created by the sports leaders at Budehaven:

You could also try out the Premier League’s ‘Train like a Footballer’ videos and activities to really hone in on your skills:

Maybe you could send us a video of your new skills and tricks!

Design Technology

This week you have a choice of two different activities: Tie Dye T-shirts or Designing your own version of Disneyland


1) Tie Dye:

If you’re in Year 6, please do this and wear your creation to our farewell picnic! We would like you to have a go at creating your own tie dye t-shirts. There are lots of examples online of how to do this, but the following is quite straight forward:

B&M in Bude stock fabric dye as well as other local and online shops. Amazon have a lot of choice here:

You won’t need a whole bottle, so maybe share with a friend to keep costs down.


2) Designing your own version of Disneyland:

In 1965, Walt Disney World in Florida was announced. We would like you to design your own Walt Disney world. You may want to research what rides/films/characters were popular during the 60s to help you or look at the parks now.

Whichever activity you choose have fun and be creative!

Optional Extras

  • Computing & Music:

Wondering how to combine music and coding? At the beginning of the summer holidays, why not have a go at both by joining these fully funded, expertly delivered sessions?

Because it has been fully funded by the Cornwall Music Education Hub, it is now available to all students in Cornwall. It consists of 5 x 90 minute Zoom experiences at 11am or 3pm between July 27th and 31st. These sessions are perfect for Year 5 & 6 students, who will learn block coding, interface design, sprites and interaction, taught by expert tutors, with international experience in Music, Technology and Education. Click on the pdf below for more information!

  • Remember, if you are looking for extra activities, you can always explore BBC Bitesize here:

  • This week’s colouring theme is: Summer
  • The popularity of the sudoku means that we have added another sheet this week!
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