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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 6: Oak, Rowan


11th December 2020

Welcome to the Year 6 page!


Work for day 1 of Lockdown January 2021.

This work is for the first day of absence.  Please ensure this is completed.  Your class teacher will be in contact about further work.


  • Reading

  • Spellings

  • TTRS

  • Flashback 4 - this is attached below (Please access the right day of the week)

  • Physical activity (eg Joe Wicks/cosmic yoga)

Flashback 4

Weekly Update:


What a busy week it's been! We've made soap (and packaging), produced some lovely nail art and finished our Mod Roc creatures (various pictures below!). On top of all this, we've produced a short concert of Christmas songs (see link / video below) to go along with our class songs - see the 'Christmas' page on the website - and our ukulele concert (see below). What a musical bunch we've got!


We enjoyed a fantastic Christmas dinner on Wednesday (a big thank you to the kitchen staff), while Friday's parties were a huge hit, filled with games, prizes and dancing. 


Despite this hectic week, we've also managed to fit in maths, science, DT and English.


The children should be very proud of themselves! They have all been a real credit to themselves and the school since school resumed in September, following the new rules and behaving in a mature and sensible manner (most of the time!).


We hope everyone has a lovely and well-deserved break, and we look forward to seeing a refreshed sea of smiling faces when we return on January the 5th!

We are delighted to share with you the children's carol and ukulele concerts this week: please see the embedded videos below, or please click on the links below:


Homework: Your child should be bringing their homework book home with them. We expect them to do the following:


  • Five minutes of TTRS plus the mental maths sheet

  • Spellings: Please choose and practise another ten spellings from the year 5/6 spelling list (in the cover of the homework book), using one of the methods from the spelling menu (also in the homework book)

  • Daily reading (at least five times!), preferably to an adult


Google classroom


We are now all using google classroom for remote learning.  We are practising in classes and now need everyone to check they can log on.  This can be accessed on ANY device as it is via the internet.


IMPORTANT - The account we are using is separate from ANY home google accounts. You will need to ‘add an account’ on your home login page and put in your child’s login.  They will then see their classroom they belong to in school.


IMPORTANT – the stream (the first option at the top of the screen) is for education messages only  - if a child is posting inappropriate chat on there, they will be muted and not allowed to put anything on  there.  


We do want your child to post a message to their class teacher to say they have logged on successfully at home.   They then can show you how it works (we are not experts yet!) and log off.


Please notify your class teacher if you are unable to logon.


Every child’s email account is disabled. We do not need them to use this option.  Their login is their email account though!


This will be the year they were in year 1, followed by their name and first letter of their surname and then everyone has the same end part.  For example: John Smith who joined in 2015 will be:


Some pupils do have a slight variation – most of the pupils do know their logins. 


Password:  Stratton    (capital S)    This will be changing for individuals very soon so your child will have their own password.


NB:  You are only allowed to logon to your own account.  We will be signing user agreements in the near future and this is one of the most important agreements.

Oak & Rowan Carol Concert 2020

Oak & Rowan sing a few Christmas songs (because they were missing going to sing in the church this year!).

Oak Class Ukulele Concert 2020

This video is the Oak Class Ukulele Concert 2020

Rowan Xmas Programme 2020

Rowan's ukulele Christmas concert

Soap making

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Lunch

Ukulele: Pick, pick, pick, pick banana!


Soap Packaging: Design

Bike Track 4th December

Mod Roc: developing the shape

Science: separating materials

Mod Roc: Creating a frame

Wet Bike Track Session 20th November 2020

Science: Dissolving

Crazy Hair Day (Children in Need) winners

Science: Absorbency Test

Tag Rugby and Virtual Cornwall Winter Games

Art: Remembrance & Greek Beasts!

Art: Marbling

Science: Materials - the sultana experiment

Bike Track Session

Tag Rugby

Space Poetry

Forest School: Stars


Bike Track Practice

Forest School - Clay Boggarts

Morning Mile


Starry Night - Artwork

Ukulele: first session with Mrs Man

Bike Track afternoon

Starry Night: Art

Kites: to represent our best qualities

Forest school: more whittling and the Moon phases

Science: understanding the planets in our Solar System

Hockey: Session 3

Hockey Session 2