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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 6: Oak, Rowan

First day of home learning.


Please ensure you complete reading, spelling, TTRS and fluent in 5/Flashback 4 today and get some physical activity e.g. Joe Wicks, yoga or similar. 



Friday 16th July 2021

Weekly Update:


BOARD GAMES: Monday (children can bring their own board games to play with their classmates).


WATER FIGHT: Thursday - children can bring a water gun and some water balloons (be  prepared to share), and wear clothes they don't mind getting wet!

The water fight will be at the end of the day, so they will get wet and come home!


T-SHIRT SIGNING: Bring a clean Stratton Polo shirt in on Monday for your classmates to sign! We will not be able to sign the ones we are wearing!

Sports Day Video link: 


The clear highlight of this week was our fabulous residential stay at Roadford Reservoir. We've also been working on some art and English, and we've been learning how to play Yahtzee this week! We also had a lovely forest school session on Friday, which involved fires and marshmallows - so everyone was happy!


Arriving at Roadford on Wednesday morning, everyone excitedly grabbed their baggage from the coach and went to find their tents - wonderful bell tents. We then made our way off on a walk around the lake and over the dam to find a nice picnic spot.


After we'd eaten, we headed back to camp to for ice cream (yum!) and to get ready for our afternoon's activities: high ropes and team building!


The high ropes course was a daunting prospect for many, but everyone gave it a good go, and there were a lot of brave efforts. Some of the children were naturals and flew around the course, making it look easy! While the Gladiator Climb started from the ground and went straight up (supported by your classmates), the high loop was far trickier as there was no one to help while you were suspended forty feet above the ground!


The team building was a real challenge with most children rising to the task of working collaboratively with their peers to complete the challenges: Gutterball, crossing the river and the ever-shrinking tarp challenge all posed a tricky mission for all!


In the evening, Mrs Jeffrey delivered our chip dinner, which  was wolfed down in no time and thoroughly enjoyed by all! After eating, the children had some free time before we lit the fires and had a sing song and some hot chocolate. Bedtime was at about 10:30pm and (most of) the children slept really well!


The next morning (another glorious sunny day!), after eating breakfast and packing our lunches, we headed to the water to have a go at some different activities. While the children enjoyed it all, the raft building was the winner of the day! After getting out of their wetsuits, and finishing their lunch, we all jumped back on the coach and got back to school in time for the end of the day!




Key Dates:

Board game morning: Monday the 19th July (bring a board game!)

Forest school / water fight: 22nd July Thursday (bring a water pistol and water balloons!)

End of Year 6 and your primary school career: 23rd June 2021


Homework: No more homework! But, please, why not keep reading and doing TTRS (until your account is deactivated!)? It's just a good idea!


Google classroom


We are now all using google classroom for remote learning.  We are practising in classes and now need everyone to check they can log on.  This can be accessed on ANY device as it is via the internet.


IMPORTANT - The account we are using is separate from ANY home google accounts. You will need to ‘add an account’ on your home login page and put in your child’s login.  They will then see their classroom they belong to in school.


IMPORTANT – the stream (the first option at the top of the screen) is for education messages only  - if a child is posting inappropriate chat on there, they will be muted and not allowed to put anything on  there.  


We do want your child to post a message to their class teacher to say they have logged on successfully at home.   They then can show you how it works (we are not experts yet!) and log off.


Please notify your class teacher if you are unable to logon.


Every child’s email account is disabled. We do not need them to use this option.  Their login is their email account though!


This will be the year they were in year 1, followed by their name and first letter of their surname and then everyone has the same end part.  For example: John Smith who joined in 2015 will be:


Some pupils do have a slight variation – most of the pupils do know their logins. 


Password:  Stratton    (capital S)    This will be changing for individuals very soon so your child will have their own password.


NB:  You are only allowed to logon to your own account.  We will be signing user agreements in the near future and this is one of the most important agreements.

Roadford Residential

Forest School

Beach Day

Final club session


Sports Day

Art Club

English: Drama

Football Sessions

Art: Week 3

Art Week 2


Coding with Kodu

Accelerated Reader Achievements


Rowan class have been very committed to their reading this year and as a whole class the children have managed to read a grand total of 10, 485, 798 words so far this year - and no doubt this will have increased again by tomorrow! We would also like to showcase two of our class readers who have such a passion for reading that they have read a staggering quantity of words each alone this year: 


Maia has read 3,519,254 words across 88 books and Sophie has read 2,905,389 words (or 73 books) too! These are all fabulous achievements and we are very proud of all of our class. Miss Barriball and Mrs Jordan 

Pond cleaning

Creating Backgrounds

Dress as a teacher day

Symmetry animals

Accelerated Reader Achievements

Maya hieropglyphics

Throwing and catching / rounders/ relay races

Maya learning in class


Science (plant life cycles) and English (non-Chronological reports)

Throwing and Catching (and juggling)

Innocent Big Grow

PE Cricket

Circus Berzercus

Still image for this video

Various: Pond, Rounders, Runes

Athletics practice

Circus skills part 5!

Last day of the half term - 30 minute run