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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year R: Chestnut

Isolation Home Learning – Day 1

Here are some activities for your child to complete on their first day of isolation.

Please only do this with your child if they are well enough to do so. If your child needs to isolate for longer then we will be in touch with further learning activities to complete at home. Thank you!

  • Read a story together.
  • Practise counting out objects to 10.
  • Practise writing your name.
  • Do something active. Go out in your garden, do a Joe Wicks workout or some Cosmic Kids yoga on YouTube.
  • Practise your independence skills, for example, zipping up your own coat, putting on/taking your shoes or doing up/undoing buttons.

Teacher Contact Information 

If you need to contact us at all, please use the following email addresses. We will respond as soon as we can, but please be aware that this may be outside of teaching hours. 

Sophie Horton (Sweet Chestnut) - 

Brittany Nudds (Horse Chestnut) -

Weekly Update 21/01/21


This week we have begun our Dinosaur topic. The children have been very excited and engaged with this topic so far! Each class has research a dinosaur of their choice. Sweet Chestnut learnt about the Plesiosaurus and Horse Chestnut class researched the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Both classes created a fact file for their dinosaur. We will be swapping fact files next week to share our knowledge. We have also been writing captions and labels about dinosaur body parts.


We have had lots of queries about reading books this week. Please be assured that the homework your child is bringing home is linked to their phonics group. The homework covers words and sounds learnt in school. Please don’t worry if your child seems to find the reading/writing ‘easy’. We want the home learning to be achievable and an opportunity to practise skills that they have already been taught in school. We want the children to be excited to do their home learning and to know that they can do it, rather than be put off or have their confidence knocked if they are finding it too difficult. We of course encourage the sharing of picture books at home to promote the love of reading. Your child can attempt to read simple words from their picture books at home that you are sharing together. It has been lovely to receive so many videos/ photos of the children doing their home learning on Tapestry. Please keep these coming! If you have any questions at all about the home learning, don’t hesitate to ask.


Please continue to bring book bags to school at least on a Friday, so your child can return and swap their library book. They also need this to bring their home learning home neatly.


Parents evening meetings will take place in the week beginning 7th March 2022. We will be in touch by email closer to the time to arrange your appointment.


We no longer have any spare boys trousers/shorts in Reception. These have all been borrowed do to accidents and getting dirty. Please return any clothing you have borrowed and ensure that your child has their own change of clothes in their bag.


Mrs Horton and Miss Nudds


Dates for diary:

Friday 18th February – Reception Bike Track Afternoon – details to follow closer to time

Monday 21st February – Friday 25th February – Half Term

W/C 7th March – Parents Evening


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