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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year 6: Birch, Elm

Welcome to year Six!

Your teachers are: Mr Craig & Mrs Collidge  


Weekly update


NEXT TUESDAY 4th October: We will be having a bike track afternoon; please try your best to make sure your child comes to school with their bike on Tuesday (it could be dropped off the day before if needed) so we can enjoy some time on the track!


This week ended with a session in the visiting planetarium, during which the children (and staff!) were treated to a tour of the Solar System, a brief history of the Moon landings and a look to the future - the first woman on the Moon. It was really well received by the children, who scored the visit a resounding five out of five! there are some blurry photos below (sorry!).


In English, we have been writing our own stories (the 'invent' task) about a chance meeting with an alien. Mr Craig & Mrs Collidge are looking forward to their weekend enjoying these stories as it will be their first chance to see what the children can really do!


Maths was focused on methods of multiplication and we have spent a couple of days working on long multiplication. A strong grasp of times tables makes this much easier, so be sure to encourage your children to jump on TTRS to get some regular practice!


We played some small team games during our tag rugby sessions, and although some of the rules are proving tricky to grasp, we had some competitive action all round!


For computing, we finished our Scratch coding games this week, with some fantastic results. Next week, we will be sharing our games across the Year 6 cohort, so the children will have lots of games to play!


In science, we looked at why we experience day and night, with the children narrating their own models (using hockey balls, a torch and a small Lego character!) and writing a short explanation with a diagram.


After learning the chord of C last week, we had Mrs Man back again to introduce a new chord (G7) along with some new songs on Thursday. There's lots of good progress and those children with a ukulele at home will hopefully be able to spend some time practising this week!


We've also continued working on our DT projects (willing helpers always welcomed!), looked at the phrase: "Dans le_____  Il y a un _____" in French - using a range of nouns and adjectives to complete the sentences.


Have a great weekend,

Mr Craig & Mrs Collidge


Each week, children will be expected to:

  • complete the TTRS work set online (we will add some mental maths later in the year)
  • practise ten spellings from the Year 5/6 word list
  • read at least five times a week (preferably to an adult!)

Science: day & night


Ukulele Session 1

Forest School - fires and marshmallows!


Science: The Solar System

Porthcurno trip

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