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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Year R: Sweet Chestnut, Horse Chestnut

Teacher Contact Information 


Your teachers are: Mrs Horton, Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Baker


You can email them at:

Mrs Horton (Sweet Chestnut)


Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Baker (Horse Chestnut)    

YR Weekly Update 25.05.2023

Dates for the diary:

Friday 23rd June – Inset Day

Monday 26th June – Inset Day

Monday 3rd July – EYFS and KS1 Sports Day

Friday 7th July – Reception Beach Trip (more details to follow)


We have been really impressed with all of the children’s hard work this term. We are fast approaching the time of year where we complete our final assessments to determine whether the children have met the Early Learning Goals this year. When we return after half term we will really be focussing on writing. Please support your child at home by encouraging them to write simple sentences. This could be for cards, letters, post cards. We have also noticed that lots of the children are not using a capital letter when writing their name. Please practise this regularly at home so it becomes a habit for your child.


Water Bottles:

This week a few children have started bringing in metal screw top water bottles. We have had 4 bottles spilt on the carpet this week. If possible, please send your child with a bottle that has a straw. Thank you!



Please double check that all jumpers are clearly named and that they haven’t washed off. Last week we took 15 unnamed and unclaimed jumpers from our cloakrooms to the uniform exchange. Today we have another 10 unnamed jumpers in our cloakrooms. We will bring them out at the end of the day for parents to check. Any that are left will also be taken to the uniform exchange.

If you are missing jumpers, you will need to speak to the office to access the uniform exchange to get a replacement.


Sun hats:

Please make sure your child has a named sun hat with them every day. When the weather is warm, we will be unable to let the children access our outdoor area without one.



This week we have continued our Castles topic. We have recapped our learning from last week about people who would have lived in a castle and their occupations, as well as the different features of a castle.

We have moved on to the story of ‘Winnie and Wilbur, the Naughty Knight’. The children have ordered images from the story and then used them to retell the story. We have also written some simple character descriptions as a class.



The children have completed their half termly phonics assessments this week, ready for new groupings to begin after May half term. We will send information about the new groupings after half term. Your child will not have a RWI book in their bag over half term. These have been collected this week for the regroupings after half term. Please keep practising with the flashcards (especially for special friends) and recognising red words.



This week in maths, we have been focussing on 2D shapes. We have recapped the names and features of common 2D shapes. We have then moved onto combining shapes to see what new shapes can be created. For example, combing two squares to make a rectangle.

For your home learning, recap the names of simple 2D shapes and see where you can spot them around the house.


We hope you have an amazing half term break!  


Mrs Horton, Mrs Baker and Mrs Hawkins  

YR Homework

Please check your child’s reading record for information about which phonics' group they are in and what they need to practise next.

All children have brought home the sounds which will be taught in their group, and some children will have ‘red’ words to practise at home. ‘Red’ words are words which cannot be decoded with phonics knowledge and sounding out. The children just have to learn to recognise them by repetition. Please practise reading the red words with your child in the same way as you use the sound flashcards.

Reminder – the School’s homework policy is that children read at least 5 times a week and that this is recorded in their reading record. Please strive for this target, it has a massive impact on your child’s reading progress. Thank you.

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