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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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School Council

Stratton Primary School Council


We have a very active School Council at Stratton Primary School which is made up of two pupils from every class from Years 1 to 6. These are elected positions which the councillors take very seriously.


We meet regularly to discuss current school issues, hold regular 'Class Council' meetings where we feedback minutes from our main meetings and get our peers' input on projects we are working on.  This year, we are organising ourselves into 'action teams' where members of the school can join and support the work we do. 


Every project will be displayed on our School Council Board, so everyone can see the progress we make. 


During this time of closure, we will continue to work for our school.  We will be sending a weekly message on the school newsletter, setting up challenges and ideas for you to keep busy and supporting community/national projects.  

If you wish to contact us, please email

Stratton Primary School Council 2019-20

Roles in SPS Stratton School Council 2019-20

Chair:  Ashton

Vice-Chair:  Noah

Secretary:  Jayden

Vice-Secretary:  Anja

Public relations officer:  Elsa, Honey

Vice PRO: Riley

Treasurer:  Obie

Vice-Treasurer:  Indira

Communication (board, website and newsletter)  Elspeth and Ailla



The school council is sub-divided into action teams, each working on their own projects.  Our teams are:


The Teaching and Learning Team (Evie, Emma and Jago)


The School Environment Team ( Ashton, Lucy, Freya and Ailla)


The Eco-Warriors Team(Jayden, Noah and Elsa)


The Community Projects Team (Maisie, Freya, Indira)


Air Ambulance Team  (Obie, Riley, Anja, Samuel)


Dogs' Trust Team (Honey, Elspeth, Evie, Elsa)




Pumpkin Recycling

Once a gain, SPS School Council  encouraged everyone to recycle their pumpkins after Halloween as this helps to prevent tonnes of food waste going to landfill. A company called 'Andigestion' provided the school with special bins which are at the front of school.  They were over flowing!


Andigestion also held two competitions - a colouring competition for Key Stage 1 and ‘a word search for Key Stage 2.  Ethan Trachim won a £15 book token for his colourful pumpkin picture. Well done and thank you as the school received a £25 book token which we have spent on super new books including the latest Guiness Book of World Records  - all to be kept in a special place within our school libraries.


Recycling crisp packets - The Eco-Warriors action team

We were just at the stage where every Friday the Eco-Warriors action team were collecting all crisp packets at break time with the help of Mr Bunning.  Sadly, due to school closure, we have had to put this project on hold; however when we return to school, this will definitely continue. In the meantime, continue to recycle at home and help protect the environment.  Look out for any challenges and ideas the Eco-Warriors might send your way.

Working with local schools - Marhamchurch C of E Primary -The Community Projects Team


In January, we invited the school council from Marhamchurch school to visit us for the afternoon. We had a great time climbing and playing games, as well as giving them a tour of our school.  Last year, we did a successful beach clean with them, so we thought it would be useful to do another joint community project this year.  We did plan to plant some trees and were waiting to hear from the local councillor.  For now, this project is on hold and we hope to return to it when life is back to normal.  

Calming equipment for the nurture room - Teaching and Learning Team


The Teaching and Learning team wanted to purchase some calming and de-stressing resources to help children in the school.  They met with Mrs Bridgman and spent £50 of the school council budget on some lovely lights and sensory equipment for the nurture/SEN room. 



Playground drainage - The school environment team


This year we have a huge problem with our bottom playground - the cage.  Due to some sinking of the concrete, pools of water form making playtime impossible.  This has led to over crowding on the upper playground and some PE lessons being postponed due to lack of space.  This action team met with Mr Bunning as their chosen project was to improve the drainage.  Just as they were going to write to the council, two members of planning team were in our school and so we took the opportunity for Ashton to meet with them and explain the problems we have been facing.  Watch this space for their response!





Children in Need

This year we organised a crazy hair day competition.  Miss Willey made some Pudsey bandanas for prizes and we judged a winner from Reception, Lower School and Upper School.  The winners were:

Max Gilbert

Eva Cornish

Olivia Cook

Congratulations to them and their crazy creations on top of their head!


The school raised a massive £281.85 .  Well done and thank you to everyone.


Sports Relief

We all woke up with a wake and shake led by Miss Willey, Mrs Flack and Mrs Chappell on Friday 20th March.  Shaking for twenty minutes was exhausting!  We all got to wear comfy sports wear for the day by donating £1 towards this charity.  We raised a massive £210.17.  Well done everyone. 



This year, the school voted to support The Dogs' Trust and Air Ambulance as our chosen charities.


We are very proud of the fact that every class in the school performed at Christmas.  After these performances, we collected money in the form of donations for our two chosen charities.  Thanks to the generosity of our community (parents, grand-parents etc) we raised a huge...


Dog's Trust



The Action team for the Dogs' Trust were planning a fund-raising project, but will now be re-thinking something exciting for the future. 


Air Ambulance

On February 14th, we supported the Air Ambulance Heli-appeal by wearing red for the day and donating £1.  We had a special assembly led by the Air Ambulance who informed of us of the important service they provide for us.   We had a lovely thank you letter from the Air Ambulance which you can read below here. 


So far, with the Christmas collection and Valentine's Day, we have raised £519.99!



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