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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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School Meals

Weekly Menu - Spring 2024

School meals at Stratton Primary School


Welcome to Stratton Primary School’s dining experience.  As you may know the school has its own in-house catering team for school meals.  It is headed by our school chef Karen Gould who has over 20 years’ experience in the food industry.   Our aim is to give the children a great dining experience which will be done by serving balanced and nutritional meals to all our children.

We involve the parents and pupils as much as possible in designing our menu choices.   We currently hold the Food for Life bronze award and we will initially be going for the silver award and, once we have achieved this, we will be going for gold.   These awards are for serving well balanced and nutritional menus using local sourced products and is a government recognized award.

We also provide pack lunches made on site and have regular tasting sessions for parents to come along and try the food that we are serving.  Our catering staff are fully trained in allergens and special diets if your children have special dietary needs.

We will provide fresh fruit and vegetables every day and all our breads and cakes are made fresh daily in our kitchen.   We will also have regular special days which will be based on what the children are learning in the class room, for example if the children are learning about different countries we can do a special menu linked to the country for a day.

If your child is in reception, Year 1 or Year 2, then they are entitled to a free meal every day – this is worth over £400 a year!  Children in older years may be entitled to a free meal if you are in receipt of certain benefits – the information about this is on our school website.

As you can see our aim is to give your children a great experience at lunch time.     

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