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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Stratton School Curriculum  

From Y1 to Y6 we follow the National Curriculum.  We teach half-termly topics and follow a cross curricular approach, enabling us to give the children a wide range of experiences through their learning. We aim to be creative and memorable whilst providing rich opportunities for the children to ensure ‘successful learning in a happy environment.'  We have many visitors, trips and make use of our wonderful grounds. The children at Stratton Primary School will immerse themselves in relevant and purposeful social situations in preparation for them becoming responsible citizens of the future. For more information about the curriculum the children are following, please feel free to ask your child's class teacher.

EYFS Curriculum
In the Reception class our curriculum is more fluid as we plan to follow the particular interests and to meet the needs of the children in the class each year. Themes are developed by the teachers to respond to things which motivate the children, or to encourage an interest in an area of learning which may be new to some of the children. Much of the children’s learning takes place in our large, dedicated outdoor learning space and we also make use of the extensive school grounds.

Maths Year 1 - Year 6
We follow the National Curriculum and use White Rose to assist us with our planning and assessments. Before beginning a block of work we assess the children's starting points to further build upon their learning. We are following the mastery approach where children develop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving. In addition to our daily maths lesson, we also have dedicated time within the week to teach and practise the mental maths skills that are required for all children in each year group. To find out more information about the mental maths targets for your child's year group please refer to their class page and take a look at the document 'How to help your child with maths at home'. 


Literacy Year 1 - Year 6

Literacy lessons are taught daily and teachers follow the National Curriculum to ensure age related expectations are set. We use the 'No Nonsense Grammar' resource to support the teaching of punctuation and grammar within our literacy lessons. The topics covered within literacy include a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. More information about the topics being covered in your child’s class can be found on their class page.  



An important part of our literacy curriculum is the teaching of phonics. To support pupils with their reading and writing, we teach phonics every day in Reception and Key Stage 1. We follow a ‘whole class’ approach by where the children are taught age appropriate sounds and how to apply these alongside their peers. Activities completed in phonics lessons are differentiated to suit individual needs. We use a number of key resources to support our phonics teaching, including: the DfES ‘Letters and Sounds’ document, Cornwall’s ‘Giant Phonics’ scheme and also the ‘Phonics Play’ website. Links to these resources can be found below.

As children progress into Key Stage Two, reading and spelling is supported through the delivery of daily spelling lessons.  This is based on the National Curriculum and the 'No Nonsense Spelling' resource.


Letters and Sounds:


Phonics Play



In terms of reading, when the children start Reception, they usually begin by taking home key sounds learnt in school and their ‘tricky’ words to practise. When they are ready, children will be given ‘Bug Club’ books to take home, usually in the middle of their Reception year. These relate to our phonics lessons and feature sounds that the children should know. After this, normally at the start of Year 1, children move onto our colour book band scheme. See below for information about the order of colours. When children are ready, they move from lime onto our ‘Easy Readers’ books, found in the library. It can take several years for children to get to this point. Your child’s class teacher will give you more information about the book band your child is reading within.

We also support reading in school by delivering daily guided reading sessions. We use a range of books within these sessions including ‘Project X Origins’ and ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ and real books.    


Book Band Colour Scheme Order:












Easy readers



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