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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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‘Successful learning in a happy environment’
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Art & Design


The content of the Art and Design curriculum is broad, balanced, ambitious and rich.

The Art and Design curriculum covers a range of skills, knowledge, creativity and self-reflection linked to the 2014 National Curriculum and works to incorporate the EYFS Framework as appropriate.

Knowledge and skills are clearly defined in a progression map. This outlines how knowledge will be taught in sequential, progressively more difficult steps from EYFS to Year 6.



Skills are modelled effectively and the children are given time for repeated practice to embed the skill, over one or a series of lessons.

Knowledge of an artist or a certain style of art is reinforced and learnt during each unit alongside the skills based lessons.

So over a unit the children will largely have an artist study, a series of lessons to practice certain skills across the appropriate media for this unit, and then the children will be given time to create a final piece. The children will also be asked to develop their sketchbooks during each unit, annotating their ideas and preferences so the creative process is documented and built upon each week.


Formative classroom assessment checks that pupils are on track and engaged. Teachers use key questions to support assessment whilst maintaining a positive and creative classroom environment, thereby assessing without hindering the creative process.



Pupils are confident, reflective and creative learners who enjoy taking risks with their artwork to produce unique final pieces based on the skills, knowledge and techniques they have learnt.

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